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Profit from decentralized lending or earn passive income with our suite of yield generating products.

The Lighthouse Dashboard

Get started with the most efficient dashboard for everything Anchor, free of charge.

Get the most out of Anchor's savings product

Safely put your UST to work and enjoy all the benefits of the Anchor aUST token with improved transaction costs.

  • Optimized for the user

    With no fees taken by Lighthouse and an improved transaction pricing thanks to our expertise with Terra's blockchain, you'll save up to 70% on your transaction fee.
    Get more out of your UST!

  • Instant Access

    Get instant access for both deposits and withdrawals.
    Built directly on top of Anchor's smart contracts so you can migrate on a whim.

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Lighthouse Savings Dashboard

Never miss another liquidation

We make asset liquidation simple. Start liquidating Bonded Ethereum (bETH) and Bonded Luna (bLUNA) today with bonded Solana (bSOL) and bonded Cosmos (bATOM) coming as soon as they become publicly available.

  • Better Quality of Life

    Lighthouse offers a series of quality of life improvement and makes it easier to manage your liquidation orders. With our multiple order activation, cancellation and a full-featured order book, you'll have it all under control.

  • Your Trusted Partner for Liquidations

    Any time, any place, our mobile-friendly dashboard helps you navigate through liquidations with no additional cost. Hundreds of users have chosen Lighthouse for their liquidation needs, why not you?

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Lighthouse Liquidations Dashboard